The .aggregate-docs job triggers a build of the aggregated documentation of All Scenarios OS.

All Scenarios OS documentation is maintained in an unusual way. Individual repositories contain dedicated documentation that can be built with :doc`build-docs` job. A special centralized documentation project aggregates documentation from multiple git repositories, as checked out by git-repo based on the manifest file, to build a standalone document.

This job encapsulates knowledge on how to trigger the aggregated build upon changes to documentation specific to a given project.

Usage Guide


If a project is pinned in the git-repo manifest then using this job makes no sense, as the resulting aggregate will not change without a prior modification of the manifest.

To use this job in your pipeline include the generic build definition file, build-generic.yaml and define the aggregate-docs job in addition to the .build-docs job.

# Build documentation present in the repository.
  extends: .build-docs

# Trigger aggregation of All Scenarios OS documentation.
  extends: .aggregate-docs
  needs: [build-docs]